There’s another form of engineering that is widely used today by the powers that be. It’s termed “Social Engineering.” As far as my knowledge goes, it was first introduced in modern times in Europe during the Enlightened Era ca. 1700s. Social Engineering has been perpetrated on many fronts, but I believe the most damage concerning Social Engineering was done to the African Americans during the Black Market Slave Trade. It was Willy Lynch who brought to the American colonies from the West Indies, the methods on how to keep slaves physically locked down on plantations without using physical fences or chains. It was a mental fencing of the mind. He claimed; if his plan was put into practice correctly, the embedded social engineering technique would last hundreds of years. He was absolutely correct.

     Social Engineering has been performed on the American public (not only blacks) since near the origin of this country. You probably believe you are not a victim to Social Engineering, but you are sadly mistaken. Allow me to give you an example of Social Engineering on a wide scale that’s not secluded to one race of people, but a variety of people. With the help of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and the Morgan Banking Dynasty, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the De Beer Diamond Dynasty controlled the world’s diamond market. During the years of the 1929 Great Depression, the diamond industry almost suffered a total decay. Americans did not have the money to purchase diamonds. According to author Edward J. Epstein’s book, “The Diamond Invention,”

“by 1937, [the] De Beers' stockpile of diamonds had grown to some forty million carats.”

     Towards the end of the Great Depression, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, president of the De Beer Diamond Dynasty at the time, believing Americans could be persuaded to buy diamonds through the right adverting campaign got together with Gerald M. Lauck, president of a leading advertising firm in the United States. Through inclusive study and research, it was found that there was a great need to encourage the mindset of Americans towards the association between diamonds and romance. So they pushed the idea that the diamond, not the ring itself, is the eternal gift of love in marriage. The larger and finer, or greater the diamond was, the greater the expression of love. They pushed their Social Engineering scheme of altering the public's perception of the way that a man courts a woman through the news papers and magazines with adds showing the connection between diamonds and love. The mind is quick to believe what it sees and hears. Therefore, they also used the radio air waves with sharp slogans promoting the same things. But the big motion picture screen of Holly Wood would prove to be their greatest instrument used in the surgery of Social Engineering. They contacted writers and directors, arranging and rearranging movies to suit their aim, with return promises of financial backing of the movie’s distributed with their approval. After sitting down with Jewish film mogul Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures, and his representatives in 1939 and 1940, Paramount Pictures changed the title of one of their films from “Diamonds are Dangerous” to “Adventures of Diamonds.”  It was encourage in the movie industry that scenes show the male stars selecting or purchasing the ring for the female stars.

       From 1938 to 1942, the diamond market jumped 55%. Over the years the De Beer Dynasty have done everything to create the marriage in your mind of the diamond and romance from urging magazines to put focus on diamonds the stars wore in photographs taken, along with celebrity television shows exhibiting the stars and the humongous diamonds they possessed and received from their spouses.

     Because the American public had no true traditional history with diamonds, according to the Edward Jay Epstein’s report,

“To further advance the romantic image of diamonds, N. W. Ayer placed a series of lush full-colored advertisements about diamonds in the New Yorker and other magazines presumed to mold elite opinion. These advertisements featured reproductions of famous paintings by such respected artists as Picasso, Berman, Dali and Dufy, which were intended to convey the idea that diamonds were also unique works of art.”

     Epstein adds, the

“plan also envisioned using the British royal family to help foster the romantic allure of diamonds. It observed, Since Great Britain has such an important interest in the diamond industry, the royal couple could be of tremendous assistance to this British industry by wearing diamonds rather than other jewels."

     And in 1948, the slogan was coined, “Diamonds Are Forever” which years later was followed by other influential slogans such as, “Diamond are a girl’s best friend” and etcetera.

     Although Social Engineering had been performed on the American public prior to the birthing of the eternal romantic diamond, it had never been put into practice on the level it was used in the mid to late 20th Century. There was no brand name through advertisement, only as Edward J. Epstein reports “an idea of the eternal emotional value surrounding the diamond.” Today in America, the diamond is inescapable from the romance of love in marriage. Without it, most men in America need not scrutinize the thought of marriage.

     Earlier, I mentioned a man name Willy Lynch and his form of Social Engineering, which orbit around a campaign of fear on the most extreme levels. Well, the campaign of the eternal romantic diamond also orbits around a campaign of fear: fear of upsetting your spouse if you can’t afford a diamond, the fear of the diamond not being big or fine enough (not costing enough). Today, almost all advertising agencies take the approach of fear when performing surgery on the public’s mind through Social Engineering. Let the reader understand, everyone brought up in America has went through the mind surgeries of Social Engineering and many are still going through it. Once people are enlightened on the universe around them, and possess knowledge of self and where they belong in life, along with where they are going, it becomes harder to perpetrate schemes with success on that person’s mind. There’s a saying, “knowledge is power” and “half the battle.” Thus, what is written in this book aims to break the illusions dealt to humanity for Ages. The time has come to break the shackles of ignorance. 

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